Bowhunter Education

International Bowhunters Education Program (Website)


A Comprehensive Course for Bowhunters.

  • IBEP graduates have a 25% success rate over a two year period, compared with 11.4% for non-graduates !

  • The Class will cover:
    Bowhunting Methods,
    Your Responsibilities as a Bowhunter,
    Before the Hunt,
    Planning the Hunt,
    Proper Hunting Practice,
    Scouting, Equipment,
    Where to Aim / When to Shoot,
    What If, First Aid,
    Planning Ahead,
    Field Experience,
    Following a Blood Trail,
    and 3-D Unmarked Shooting.

  • Cost:
    $10.00 for the Class, Materials, Certification, at the Class.

  • Reservations Recommended, Class Sizes are Limited.