Club Championship

First and foremost…
HUGE THANK YOU to all the members that came out and got the range setup and helped work the Open.
Big shout out to the members who donated great items and the sponsors who always give a great selection of raffle items to keep people coming back.

Sunday 4/17 will be our Club Championship Shoot. Registration will be between 8 and 9. We will not hold for a set 9 am start time. We will let shooters begin after registering.
For the first time we will have a Member Raffle available. Thanks to all the great donations we will have several great prizes available for members to win (not leftover prizes from the Open).
It is Easter Sunday and we know many have family plans. the goal is to get the show rolling right away, follow the course from target 1 thru and cleanup as we go. We are grateful for any help we can get cleaning up the course after the shoot. Goal is to be done by early afternoon.

We have plenty of food and drink for free for the members. After you shoot, take a load off, have a bit of lunch, help cleanup a little if you can and still have the second half of your Sunday to enjoy.

Sorry for the late email. Any questions, feel free to reach out.