Around the World 2022

2022 Around The World

It’s that time of year again.
This email will be somewhat lengthy but it will have all the info for the Around the World Shoot, the Club Shoot, sign-up list, instructions and things leading up to the shoot so please take the time to read thru it.

Work Parties leading up to the shoot:
Next Saturday, the 12th, work parties will begin to start prepping the range for the big shoot. Work parties will be every Saturday until the shoot unless weather or something unforeseen occurs and we will send out an email informing you of that if it does.
Lunch will be served as usual (Thanks Bob and Olivia). You will get work party credit for helping as well. Any work parties beyond the minimum required will also go towards lowering your annual dues and the help is needed as well as greatly appreciated.
There is work available for all skill and ability levels.

Friday April 15th:
This will be the setup day to get the range ready for the shoot. All animals will have to go out, lanes setup, yardages marked, food prepped etc. This will count as a work party day and we can use as much help as we can. This will be an all day affair but we will take whatever time you have to off

Club Shoot:

Due to our shoot weekend falling on Easter weekend this year, the Around the World Shoot for the public will be held Saturday the 16th. In turn we will have the Club Shoot on Sunday the 17th.
The Club Shoot will begin at 9am, $5 to shoot and there will be food and drinks included
**The members volunteering to work the bike trail during the Club Shoot will be allowed to shoot on Saturday with the guests, more on this later.

Since it will be all club members shooting, we ask for any and all help possible at the end of the shoot to clean up. The more people there are, the less work it will be.

Around the World:
This shoot qualifies as 1 of the major events required to help at for the year. The other option is the Stickbow Classic in November which falls into next Club calendar year.

The day of the shoot all club members except for officers and handicapped members will need to park on Berry St. or in the overflow lot across the street from Hastie’s Sand and Gravel.

Work Assignments/ Sign-up:
Below is a link to Signup Genius. There are jobs listed along with dates and time blocks. If you are available to do more than 1, feel free to sign-up. All help is appreciated. In the Club House there will be a paper copy to sign-up as well but it may not be up to date with the most current positions filled so you may get swapped to a different spot if needed.
Please find me (Jeff) when arriving so I can get you signed in and give you any info or instructions needed for your position.

As mentioned above, we need people to work the bike trail Saturday and Sunday. If you work the bike trail on Sunday instead of shooting the course, you will be allowed to shoot on Saturday with the general public. Blocking the bike trail is a crucial position that needs filled to make sure that people do not wonder passed while arrows are potentially flying in their direction.

Members who are working can get free breakfast and lunch as well.


Raffle Donations:
The Around the World is generally one of the biggest revenue generators for the club throughout the year. A large portion of that comes from our Raffle. Any donations to add to the raffle is appreciated. It does not have to be archery related. We do ask that it be new/ packaged though. If you have friends or know of business owners that would like to contribute to our cause and get a little bit of advertisement at the event for it, we would love there contributions as well.
Many members have made great handcrafted items and baskets throughout the years as well. We aren’t picky.

Sunday Cleanup:
As I mentioned above, this year cleaning up will come after the member shoot instead of the public. We are going to try to organize the Club shoot to be as efficient as possible so we can start cleaning up behind the last group. With all the members here and shooting it will hopefully be a very easy cleanup if everyone can lend a hand.

People willing and available to help with afternoon cleanup who may not be shooting the Club shoot and want to help anyway…. we wont turn you away.

I know it is Easter Sunday and many will have plans with family so any help to get the range cleaned up is even more appreciated than normal because it means everyone can get home to their families sooner.