Email Dated 8/2/2017


Maya Members,

As you should all know... shooting broadheads into our targets butts is strictly prohibited. We have recently noticed broadhead marks on the target face of the 60 yard sight-in butt. This will quickly destroy the integrity of the bale and chances are you will not be able to retrieve your broadhead from the these highly compressed and expensive bales. With that, broadheads stuck in the target butt will damaged or destroy carbon arrows. This is costly for members and just down right frustrating when shooting the range.

If you need to sight-in your hunting equipment... you are allowed to setup an approved broadhead target next to (not in front) the existing target butt. That is the only acceptable method allowed on the range period. It's in our range rules and if caught shooting broadheads into the targets butts, disciplinary action will be taken.

Thank You,
Dave Baker
VP Hunting

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