Email Dated 7/11/2017


Maya Members,

Our club meeting is this evening at 7:00 PM, July 11th. This is not our normal date and was moved out a week because of the 4th of July Holiday.

This is a chance for those who have not renewed their membership for 2017/2018 to do so at the meeting. Time is running out as the gate combination will be changed the evening of July 15th. Also after August 15th all work credits will be lost if you plan on renewing of this date. Along with that, if you decide to reactivate your membership later on during the 2017/2018 membership year, you will not be able to renew at the pro-rated dues rate and will be responsible for paying the full membership cost.

To expedite your renewal between now and July 15... you can drop off you renewal in the Mail Box located on the deck near the front door of the clubhouse. That way I can get you membership card back sooner than sending it to our PO Box.

Dave Baker

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