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The Around the World is here and it falls on Easter Sunday.....
Now that we have that out of the way

Maya is an incredible club with incredible members so I don't have to beg for help because I know we will have a lot of volunteers. Easter does make things a little tricky but with morning and afternoon shifts I hope that we can get all the spots filled and make it easy for everyone.

Work parties:
Every Saturday leading up the shoot there will be a work party. Please check the Calendar on the website for times etc. Click me for the Calendar
During the Polar Bear League (18th and 25th) the work parties will be starting at 10am.
On the 1st and 8th we will start at 8am and will be having the Polar Bear BBQ at noon on the 1st.
Don't forget that there is a separate raffle for club members who do work parties leading up to major events. Your name will be entered once for every Saturday work party you attend from 3/11 until the shoot and also Friday before the shoot.

Friday April 14th:
This will be the main setup day. We will have to get all the hay bales, animals etc. out and set the course up ready to shoot. Weekdays are tough but if you can make it out to help it would be greatly appreciated. Some of us will be there all day so whatever hours that you can help will be great.
We should be there until 5pm at least (wishful thinking).

Saturday April 15th CLUB 3-D Championship:
Club members will be able to shoot all the great big and exotic animals we have in the full Around the World layout for our club championship.
There will be more emails regarding this shoot as it gets closer.
***REMINDER*** The Around the World Shoot on Sunday is hosted by Maya for guests to shoot. It is something we host to promote the sport, our club and as a major line of revenue for the club so we can maintain the range and the animals. *Club members cannot shoot on Sunday.

Sunday April 16th Around the World:
There will be AM and PM shifts for most of the positions. Below is a link for signing up. It will ask for your name, email and phone number. I will be the only person who will be able to see email and phone number, it will not be shared publicly.

AM 6am - 12pm
PM 11am - 5pm

There will be breakfast for the morning shift and food throughout the day for lunch. Food is free for members who are working.
If you know someone who does not have access to a computer and does not receive club emails, please direct them to contact me and I will assist in signing them up for a position.

Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.
Jeff Azar

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