Around the World Update

The 2022 Around the World Shoot is around the corner and we have a little more to do to make sure it is successful.

Work Party:
This Saturday the 9th will be the last work party to try to get the range all setup for the Shoot. Work Party will begin at 8am. Lunch will be provided as usual and there will be work available for any ability range. We are appreciative for any all help that we can get. Remember that work parties go towards your annual requirement and any beyond that will help lower your dues for next year.

Setup for the big shoot:
Next Friday, the 15th will be the setup for the Around the World Shoot and the Club Championship. This is an all hands on deck day. Anyone who is available to help would be appreciated. there is a lot to do want to make sure that the shoot is a success.

Sign-up for the Shoot

Please signup to help out on shoot day. Remember that working one of the major events during the year is required to maintain regular annual dues. Money aside, This is a big event that helps the club raise the capital to continue to run and succeed. We need all the help we can get to make sure that happens.

Any questions or concerns, please reach out to one of the officers or call me.