2021 Stickbow Classic

The 2021 Stickbow came and went. It was not a huge turnout but that was kind of expected. It was a success though. Everyone I spoke with had a great time.

Big THANK YOU to all those that helped setup and/or work the event. We would not be able to do this without the help of our great members.

Also a big Thank You to the great members and companies that donated to our raffle. The raffle is still one of the better revenue generators for the club and the donations mean a lot.

For those who would like to thank or support the businesses that donated, here are a list of some of the top supporters;
Wilderness Archery
Sportsman’s Warehouse
Trophy Bowstrings
Blackbear Diner
Team Whiskey
and of course several members who donated or hand made items for the raffle.

Quick reminder, as we get back into swing of things and life normalizes, membership does require working one of the two big events that we hold each year in order to prevent a hike in the annual dues. The Stickbow marking the first one of the year, The Around the World Shoot will be the second. Please make sure to sign-up and help when that event comes around. We much prefer your help over charging extra dues. There are jobs fit for every age and physical ability level with both morning and afternoon shifts.

Thanks again,
Jeff and everyone at Maya