Maya Summer League week 6 update

Maya members,

We are on week 6 of the summer league shooting the paper animal round from the yellow stakes.

Question from last week “What else can I learn from shooting the field league?”
This is a great question that everyone can relate too besides having fun shooting archery.
Scores can be used to track your progression over many weeks to get a snap shot of your consistency. If your scores remain roughly the same (averaged) on the same target face, what are you going to change to move the score higher. Change could mean getting out to the range an extra day each week for practice, equipment modifications, adjustments or replacements, shooting form change or your mental preparation and execution during the shot to name a few.
Club shoot weekend is the second weekend of each month. Your choice on which day to shoot but on Saturday it will start after the work party or after 12pm. For this shoot, you will shoot both Field and Hunter target faces on the same day. Score cards and payment envelopes will be in the unlocked mailbox and when you done shooting deposit cards/payment in locked mail box.
Club Field championship it the second weekend of October shooting all 3 target faces, Field, Hunter and Paper Animal.