Maya Summer League Week 4

Maya Members,

This is week 4 for the summer league shooting the field target at the white stakes.
With the exception of a few scoring issues with last week’s animal round everyone is doing great.
Note: The animal round is one arrow scored. The walkup stakes is still one arrow scored, not an accumulation of 3 arrows.

General rules: No shoot upgrades, for instance shoot all 3 days and pick your best performance of the 3 days to fill score card. Whatever day you choose to shoot the league each week is the only time to fill out score card.

Turn in your score card each week for processing. Occasionally not all cards are turned in by Thursday pm. If for some reason you messed up on you score card such as scored on the wrong column, addition is off or whatever, This is a learning league so  contact me for questions or to resolve issues.
Your completed score card needs to be deposited in the Locked Mailbox. Some have put your card back in unlock mailbox and I have missed them.