Summer league week 3

Maya Members,

This is the 3rd week of summer league shooting the paper animal target from the yellow stakes.
We don’t count spots on the target face but the max score would be 294.

Please review the procedures for shooting the animal round.
Here is the link from our website, animal round is the 3rd page.

NFAA Animal Target Round Procedure Basics
Walk the field course shooting up to 3 arrows on each shooting lane (14) at the paper animal target from the Yellow stakes.
The pattern to shoot arrows may be different on each lane.
You will need to number a couple of arrows, put #2 on one and #3 on another one, generally the fletching works best.
If there is only one Yellow stake, shoot 1 arrow (use an arrow not marked or label an arrow #1) from that
location. If your first arrow scores it gives you the highest possible score and to shoot additional arrows
wouldn’t get you a higher score. If not in a scoring area or touching a scoring line or unsure if it scored, shoot arrow labeled #2. Missed a score area or not sure, shoot arrow #3.
After shooting 1 arrow or up to 3 arrows as needed, walk up and score your arrow.
Once you have committed to move up and score arrows and find out the arrow you assumed scored but didn’t (unless you shot all 3) you can’t backup on lane and shoot again.
If you shot 2 arrows due to what you thought was a miss with the first arrow but then found out the first arrow did score then you would use the top bracket of points. This also applies to the 3rd arrow shot.
Only pull arrows after all arrows are scored in your group.
Once scored and arrows are removed, follow safety trail to next target lane