Maya Summer League

Maya Members

The 12 week Summer League starts Tuesday May 4th shooting on the field range
You will shoot the Field target the first week.
Updated League Flyer is attached

Score cards, payment envelope, guest forms and scoring matrix (if needed) will be in the unlocked mailbox
You will self-register on the score card, shoot the field round and return the score card to the locked mailbox
Summer League Payment envelope needs to be filled out so we can correctly associate payment received matched to your member number.
Only one payment envelope needed for each membership number. Picture of payment envelope is attached.
Costs are: $1 ea. for youth under 18 and $2 ea. for adults per week for members
You can pay for entire league first week at a discount,  Youth $10 ea. and Adult $20 ea.
You can bring guests to shoot league following the clubs guest policy and release forms. Guest payment would be the cost to shoot the league
You would mark the “guest” box on their score card. Costs for guests are $2 ea. for Youth under 18 and $4 ea. for adults per week. Pay for entire league first week at $20 ea. for youth and $40 ea. for adults
Cash or Check are acceptable forms of payment. Deposit envelope in Locked Mailbox.

Under Member name(s), you would list all the shooter names under the membership number
For instance, Fred, Wilma and Pebbles Flintstone
Under member # 4321
Under Youth Fees: There is one youth (Pebbles) so $1   Option: pay entire league $10
Under Adult Fees: There are 2 Adults so $4    Option: pay entire league @ $20ea. $40
Total Amount: ($1 + $4) = $5      or with the options $50
Put $5 or $50 in Summer League Payment envelope and deposit in Locked Mailbox

Recent question about reaching age bracket change during league.
Good question and mostly affect the youth age brackets such as cub and youth
If you start the league under youth for instance and then have a Bday a month later that now puts you into Young Adult category.
You would continue shooting in the youth category shooting youth stakes until the league completes.

Reply with any league questions.
Be Safe Have Fun!