Maya Range gate needs to be kept locked

Maya members,

We have had several reports from members showing up at the range and finding the gate unlocked.  For the protection of the range the gate needs to remain shut and locked at all times.  During the orientation time, I cover keeping the gate locked unless there is an event that is open to the public so please remember to lock the gate after you enter and when you leave.  Put the Maya lock through the Roseville City lock so that either can open the gate without bypassing the Roseville City lock.   If you arrive and the gate is open,  please close the gate after you pass through to secure the property.   There are times when we will have the gate wide open such as during our events that are open to the public,  Saturday morning when we have a new membership drive taking place and work parties,  and when there is a class from Maidu Park and Rec are being held.
If you have any questions about the gate please contact us to discuss the security of the property.

Maya Board and Officers
Brent Pruhsmeier