Maya Summer League final info

Maya Members

We had 30 shooters for the final week.
Scores have been posted to the website, final standings with retracted scores for qualifying shooters are also posted.
Summer League final scores
For this league you had to shoot a minimum of 8 weeks out of 12 to qualify for awards.
If you shot more than 8 weeks, we remove your lowest scores till we have only 8 weeks of scores.
We had 37 shooters qualify for awards

We had 5 League shooters shoot the Club shoot the weekend of June 11/12.
Comparing scores from league and club shoot, all did well and started earning spot counts for Maya awards.
Maya’s Club shoots are held monthly on the 2nd weekend. You can shoot on Saturday after the work party or Sunday. Shoot both the Field and Hunter round on the same day. Score cards are in the mailbox. You will need to use one of the money envelopes to deposit club shoot fees.
Club Field Championship should be Sunday October 11th. All 3 target faces are shot that day.

Reminder to keep checking website for club status of events/activities and hopefully we have the league BBQ October 10th