Maya Summer League week 12 and gate combo changing July 15th

Maya Members

We had 34 shooters last week.
Scores have been posted to the website, Shoot Scores

Week #12 of the Summer League starting July 14th shooting the Paper Animal target from the Yellow Stakes.
Maya website has posted the field course shooting procedures here; NFAA field course procedures

This is the last week of the Summer League. We had more participation this year as in the past and I contribute this to having it over 3 days and shoot times at your convenience. Reflecting back on the shoot scores, most of you have improved scores overall within each target face. If you average your scores over 3 or 4 weeks for a target face it will give you a base score or bench mark. This is a good reference to know for how your training is progressing.

While you’re waiting for the next league to start in January, Maya’s Club shoots are held monthly on the 2nd weekend. You can shoot on Saturday after the work party or Sunday. Shoot both the Field and Hunter round on the same day. Score cards are in the mailbox. You will need to use one of the money envelopes to deposit club shoot fees.
Club Field Championship should be Sunday October 11th. All 3 target faces are shot that day.

Thank you to all the participants this year!
Keep your fingers crossed that we can have the league BBQ October 10th


NOTE:  The gate combination will be changed July 15th.  Members that have renewed their membership should have their new yellow card with the new combination.  If you have not renewed yet or have not received your card, contact Dave Baker for assistance.

Dave Baker