Summer League week 7 and do not move animal targets

Maya Members

Ok what’s with the increased temps for Tuesday through Thursday? We had 40 shooters last week with the high temps.
Scores have been posted to the website, link Shoot score page

Week #7 of the Summer League starting June 9th shooting the Field target from the White Stakes.
We are half way through the Summer League.
If you have missed the first 6 weeks, not a problem, just start on column #7 for scoring.
Column #7 is on the backside, I already added your league shooter number, please put your name on back.
Score cards are in the mail box by the clubhouse door, when done put your score card in the locked mail box by the clubhouse door.

Another good question for all:
Is the Summer league similar or the same as the “Club Shoot”?
They are similar in the sense of shooting the field course with the Field and Hunter target faces but you shoot both rounds the same day for the “Club Shoot”.
Spot totals will count towards an award program within the club.

Now that you are familiar with how to shoot the field course, the “club shoot” is another option for members to hone their shooting skills.
Club Shoots are held every 2nd weekend of each month. If you choose the Saturday option it starts after the monthly work party has been completed but generally after 1pm in most cases.
You will walk the course twice, pick either the field or hunter target face to start with and after completing that unit (14 targets) switch and shoot the other target face unit (14 targets). The paper animal target is not shot for the “club shoot” only the “Club Field Championship”.
The orange club shoot score cards are in the mailbox by the clubhouse door. Get a card, fill out shooter information, shoot just the Field and Hunter rounds and turn in the card with shoot fee money into the locked mailbox. Cost is $ 5 members $ 2 youth $ 7 guest

Have fun,

Maya members,

Persons are moving the paper animal targets from the field course to the front sight-in range.
Please leave field course targets specifically the paper animal targets out on the field course.
Members practice/train to shoot that target round for competitions such as; Summer League, Club Field Championship, State or Regional Field Championships and National Field Championships.

Thanks for your understanding