Maya Membership Renewal

Maya members,

Membership renewals are scheduled to go out in the mail June
10th.  You should receive your renewal invoice notice in the mail in 3 to 5
days after the 10th.  The gate combination will be changed on July 15th.
Members who have not renewed their membership after the July 15th will be
held responsible for the full amount indicated on your renewal invoice and
will not be prorated if you decide to renew at a later date.  We have
received many anxious emails inquiring about renewing their membership…
they are on their way.

The Officer’s and Board has decided to forgo any penalties added on your
dues for not attending a Special Event or One Work Party during 2019 – 2020
membership year.  Since we cancelled Work Parties and our Open because of
the COVID-19 restrictions it was prudent to not penalize our members.  All
Work Credits & the November (Stickbow Classic) Special Event have been
applied to those members who attended.  Any question should be directed to
me (Dave Baker).

Since we have cancelled our Membership Meeting and Work Parties… I stress
that you renew your membership without delay.  We are hoping that we can
return to some semblance of normal to in July.  But this depends on Placer
County moving to Stage 3.

Our Officers, Board, Target Owners and few other Members have done a
selfless job in keeping the range in operation during the past 3 months so
our Members have place to shoot. We are fortunate that we have this range to
enjoy, especially during these times.

Range Update:
We have approved to purchase to replace the target butts for 7 lanes on the
range similar to what we have on our Sight-In Range.

We are in progress of moving off the Winter range configuration to our
Summer Lanes.

We will be rotating the existing hay bales on the range to provide a firmer
target butt.  Our supplier of compressed bales are no longer in business and
we have to make do with what have on hand till we find another supplier.

We request that you leave the paper target in place and not move them around
to another location on the target butt.

Members who are placing balloons… please pick up the remnants of the
balloons and place them in the trash.

The field course is designed to shoot no more than 4 arrows per lane… they
are not for sighting in or practice, this is why we have a sight-in range.

Please be aware that there is Poison Oak behind the target butt on #5.

Dave Baker
VP Hunting & Membership