Maya Summer League week 6

Maya Members

We had 27 shooters last week with the high temps.
One figured out due to work that starting at 7pm was definitely cooler than starting at 5pm.
Our webmaster is on vacation so there is a delay in getting the scores posted to Maya’s website. Should get caught up this week.

Week #6 of the Summer League starting June 2nd shooting the Paper Animal target from the Yellow Stakes
If you have missed the first 5 weeks, not a problem, just start on column #6 for scoring.
Score cards are in the mail box by the clubhouse door, when done put your score card in the locked mail box by the clubhouse door.
Reminder that there are no spots recognized on this target Face

Question continued from last week.
Side Hill shots, depending on the steepness, your feet and legs are supported differently effecting balance same with up and down shots.
Try opening or closing your stance a little bit to see if your more stable.
From the field and hunter targets you may find that on one of them you manage a higher score. The layout of color contrasts in general affects how well you focus on aiming. Each shooter is affected differently as our brain processes what we are seeing. If you commit your focus on the very smallest of the center of the target “think aim small, miss small”, the contrast of colors have less affect and for most people tighter arrow groups.

Have fun,