Maya Summer League week 5

Maya Members

We had 44 shooters last week and are now up to 54 registered shooters.
Congratulations, we have exceeded the previous number (by 11) of registered shooters since restarting the summer league 6 years ago.

Week #5 of the Summer League starting May 26th shooting the Hunter target from the Red Stakes.
If you have missed the first 4 weeks, not a problem, just start on column #5 for scoring.
Score cards are in the mail box by the clubhouse door, when done put your score card in the locked mail box by the clubhouse door.
Target 7 (birdie target) remember to shoot a vertical line of 4 targets starting at either top or bottom, one arrow in each and in succession.
The Hunter target is mostly black with white center. The center circle is the X ring or spot.
Shooters without an attached sight can count any arrow in the 5 rings as spots.
Shooters with an attached sight can only count the center circle or “x ring” as spots
After completing the 14 targets, finish score card and deposit in the locked mail box.

I have fielded a few questions from persons shooting league about what could be gained or learned from participating.
This is a good question with many possibilities, I’ll cover a few each week.
You work to shoot tight arrow groups during training sessions then apply to various forms of competitions or hunting.
It’s up to you on how you use the experience to progress for consistent “accurate” shooting.
Leagues serve as an incentive to get out and shoot on a schedule with a little anxiety involving simple competition. These little stressors can help you identify shooting form inconsistencies, equipment issues and mental focus. Equipment issues are generally the easiest to repair and/or adjust. Shooting form development takes more time to establish all while maintaining mental focus through the shot. The field course with its varied ground inclines, uphill/downhill or side hill shooting can affect shots due to posture changes and perceptions while aiming. Shooting uphill or downhill in general will have shooters changing their form by raising or lowering the bow arm to accommodate the angle. This change shortens your draw length a little for minor angles to major on steeper ones and can allow you to creep forward off the “wall”. Maintain your “T” form by bending at the waist will help.

Have fun,