Maya Summer League Week 3

Maya Members

We are on week #3 of the Summer League shooting the Paper Animal Round. This official NFAA scoring target has not been put out on the field course since our club field championship last October.
If you have missed the first 2 weeks, not a problem, just start on column #3 for scoring.
Summer League week #3 (start May 12th) with your option to shoot either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at a start time that’s convenient for you.
Score cards are in the mail box by the clubhouse door, when done put your score card in the locked mail box by the clubhouse door.
This week you will be shooting the Paper animal target unit. Suggest you print or download the scoring information file from Maya website link Field-Hunter-Animal-Scoring.pdf .
The score cards have some scoring information on the back.

Pick up your score card from the mail box. New shooters choose a new card and fill out information on card .
You will walk the field course shooting up to 3 total arrows from the yellow stakes at the paper animal target on each lane for a total of 14 total targets shot.
The pattern to shoot arrows may be different on each lane.
Yellow stakes/markers are in yards. Be aware that not all of the paper animal is scored, basically the main body has the scoring areas. Hoofs, paws, legs, antlers, horns, some heads, tails etc. are generally outside the scoring areas. You can use binoculars to assist you in looking at the target to hopefully see arrow placement after shooting.
You will shoot 1 arrow or if needed up to 3 total arrows shot in numbered succession. You will need to number a couple of arrows, put #2 on one and #3 on another one, generally the fletching works best.
If there is only one Yellow stake, shoot 1 arrow (use an arrow not marked or label an arrow #1) from that location. If your first arrow scores it gives you the highest possible score and to shoot additional arrows wouldn’t get you a higher score. If not in a scoring area or touching a scoring line or unsure if it scored, shoot arrow labeled #2. If this one didn’t score or not sure, shoot your last arrow #3.
If you have 3 Yellow stakes that progress towards the target, shoot one from the longest marker, as above if it scores you can stop shooting. If not walk up to the next yellow stake and shoot arrow #2, if it scores you’re done, if not  then walk up to the next Yellow stake and shoot last arrow #3.
Youth ages 12 to 14 (youth), you will shoot from the Yellow stakes until you see blue stakes on some lanes, you will shoot from the blue stakes if you see this.
Youth ages 9 to 11 (cub), you will shoot from the black stakes on each shooting lane. A few cub stakes (position) are steel plates flat on the ground. These are located on the targets #4, 5 and 6 that cross the road.
Youth under 9 (peewee), option to shoot from black stakes or move closer.
If in a group of different ages that would shoot from different colored stakes, the adults would shoot first from the longest markers and the group would progress towards the target shooting at appropriate stakes. In simple terms, always move forward on the lanes and don’t backtrack for safety reasons.
After shooting 1 arrow or up to 3 arrows as needed, walk up and score your arrows as outlined below and from scoring sheet .
Once you have committed to move up and score arrows and find out the arrow you assumed scored but didn’t (unless you shot all 3) you can’t backup on lane and shoot again.
Only pull arrows after all arrows are scored in your group.
Once scored and arrows are removed, follow safety trail to next target lane.
After completing the 14 targets, finish score card and deposit in the locked mail box.

See scoring sheet
This is week #3, third column should say animal, use this column to write scores in.
No Spots for this target face.
Only 1 arrow is scored even if you shot more than one arrow, only the highest scored arrow is used. If by chance a previous arrow was in the scoring area, for instance; you assumed #2 arrow didn’t score and you shot #3 but when reaching the target #2 arrow was a score able arrow. You would use #2 scoring.
Score line; From the score sheet or back of score card, if your 1st arrow scored within or at least touching a score line you would use the 1st scoring matrix (highest score marks of 21, 20 or 18).
If your 1st arrow didn’t score but your 2nd arrow did (the one marked #2), you would use the 2nd tier of scores (17, 16 or 14).
If the 1st and 2nd arrow didn’t score but the 3rd arrow (one marked #3) did you would use the lowest scoring tier (13, 12 or 10).
If no arrow scored you would put a zero on that line.
Running total; first line is the same as score, second line is the total of previous running number and the next score, continue sequence to end.

Have fun,
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