Summer League week 2 update 2


Our second week of Summer League had 43 shooters out of 46 registered. An additional 12 new cards were taken this week totaling 55.
Please turn in your cards when done shooting for the week. Scores are posted on Maya’s web page at WK2_Scores.pdf
I corrected some of the score card of persons who contacted us for corrections, please recheck for correction.
A few cards didn’t have either/or style or age box checked, so I guessed and highlighted on your score card, verify and let us know if correction is needed.
Maya web page link to styles NFAA-Shooting-Styles.pdf.

I received a couple of question about sights in relation to Freestyle (FS) and Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS), see link above for picture.
In general most people shoot these 2 styles. The 2 main differences are stabilizer length and what type of sight is installed.
Moveable sight is one that it’s sight mark(s) can be changed by turning a knob by hand  or sliding an arm to a desired position without using tools.

BHFS Bowhunter Freestyle
Compound with a fixed pin sight with 5 pins or less (need tool to change settings) and a complete stabilizer measuring less than 12 inches (measured from the riser to the end).

FS Freestyle
Compound with a fixed pin sight with more than 5 pins, a fixed pin sight that is movable (without tool), a moveable sight, a complete stabilizer that measures 12 inches or longer (measured from the riser to the end).

BH Bowhunter
Compound with no sight, stabilizer less than 12 inches and finger release.

Great Questions, anymore?