Maya Summer league question answers 1

Maya members,

Received a question on one of the target lanes in reference to target #7

“The shortest shooting lane has 4 white stakes that apparently are not in yards and a lot of target faces. Is there a pattern/method to shoot it”

Yes, this lane is nicknamed “the birdie target”. For this lane only, the white stakes are in “Feet” not yards, so the first stake to shoot is at 35 feet and is a “Walkup” pattern. Each white stake are 5 feet apart. The black club stake is 20 feet.
The targets are in multiples of 4 on a vertical line. The pattern is to pick one vertical line and shoot one arrow at each one of the 4 targets on that vertical line.
You must shoot them in succession by either starting at the very top working your way down or very bottom working your way up.
If there are 2 or more shooters shooting at the same time, pick the vertical line target that lines up with your shooting position. Basically if you’re on the far left of the shooters then shoot the far left vertical line so arrows don’t cross flight paths. After all shooters have shot one arrow at that position do you move forward to the next stake.
You only score one arrow in each target face. If you end up having 2 or more arrows in the same target face you can only count the lowest number arrow. The other arrow/arrows are scored “0”. Additionally if you shoot out of sequence,  those arrows are also “0”. What can happen is you shoot your first arrow at the top target, you walk up to the next stake and you shoot the same target face so you now have 2 arrows in the same target. You walk up to the next stake and you shoot the 2nd from the top. Your final arrow is shot at the 3rd from the top, leaving the lowest target face with no arrow or attempted shot.
In this scenario you would only have one arrow to be scored out of the 4 and it’s the lowest score arrow of the two in the top target. All the other arrows were shot out of sequence and receive “0” score. If the archer recognized the mistake made on the second shot and proceeded to shoot the 3rd arrow at the 3rd target from the top and last arrow in the bottom target. Only one arrow (the highest scored arrow in the top target of the 2 arrows in it) would receive a “0” score.

Hint: In general for this shooting lane on Maya’s range for the field target, if you shoot top down it works to your advantage as most of the shots will be level to the target as you move forward. By shooting bottom up with the decline of the hill as you move forward the first and last shot will have your shooting form angled.

There are other rules when there are multiple shooters and multiple target faces on a shooting lane. Not really complicated but as the league progresses and in one of the emails I send out, I will list the multiple shooter/multiple target procedures. For now if there is more than one shooter and multiple target faces just like the “Birdie” target, if you’re on the left shoot the left target, on the right shoot the right target.
This is a fun league to get members accustomed to simple procedures to shooting the field course and hopefully be interested in shooting our club shoots each month and club field championship in October.

Good question, have fun!