Maya – December Update 2018

Maya Member’s,

This Saturday, December 8th, will be another scheduled work party at the range.  We will be starting at 8 AM… be sure if you are attending to sign-in and sign-out to ensure you get credit for working.  Lunch we be served as usual for all the workers.

Those who want to shoot the December 9th Club Shoot can do so on either Saturday, (8th) beginning after 1 PM or all day Sunday.  Scorecards are in the small mailbox, place your shoot fee and completed scorecard in the locked box when completed.

The Sausage Making event scheduled for the 9th of December has been postponed due limited response.  Only 3 members have responded as of last week…  After conferring with Tom Burns it not worth the time unless we have at least 8 members to participate.  We can try again for a date in the latter part of January if we have more members interested.  So if you would like have any wild game that you would like to turn into sausage or seasoned burger, this would be an excellent time to do it.

Please email ( or call me at 916 765-4516 if you are interested.

Dave Baker
VP Hunting & Membership