Thank You

Hello Maya Members,
I wanted to send out a HUGE Thank You to our wonderful members for all your generous donations. The Stickbow raffle table looked amazing and really it was because of all of you. We also had some good items left over for the Around the World! yay! Which also I will start working on donations for that soon. I chose to email you all instead of individual cards because well I will be honest I do not have that kind of time ha. Business owner, mom and family take my time.
If you guys come across any awesome objects in your home or get a holiday gift you don’t like please consider the Raffle for the Around the World 🙂

Please tho no more mugs, tea pots, candle holders etc items like that, old purses or wallets those items are not wanted raffle items as I have heard from our attendees. They want the good stuff and I will do my best to bring it to them.

Thank you all again for all your help with the donations and all your help with helping me manage the table and chaos! Maya members are the BEST!

Erin Azar