Maya – Stickbow  Setup Work Party & Shoot

Maya Member’s,

On Saturday, November 3rd, another scheduled work party will be held to setup the targets and associated venues for our Awesome Stickbow Classic. Lunch will be served on Saturday for those helping out.

Those who are working the shoot on Sunday, November 4th should be at the range by no later than 7 AM.  Member’s working on Sunday should park across the street on Berry St.  Those who signed up to work through Jeff’s email link will know their assignments.  Those who haven’t and show up to work the shoot will be assigned the morning of the shoot.  There’s plenty of jobs to do and we appreciate all the help we can get to put this shoot on for our guests.  Also, be sure to sign-in when you arrive and sign-out when you leave so that you can get the credit (Special Event) you deserve for working the shoot.

Thank You,
Maya Officer’s