Maya – October 2018 Update

Maya Member’s,

This coming Saturday, October 13th, 8 AM will be our regularly scheduled work party. Lunch will be served for our workers as usual by Olivia & Bob Lawson. Now is the time to start getting work party credits towards next years membership renewal.

We will be getting ready for the Maya Club Championship & NorCal Championship. Members who wish to shoot the Club Championship on Saturday will be allowed to after 1 PM.  Those who will be entering the NorCal & Maya Club Championship can only compete on Sunday, October 14th only. You must be a NorCal member to enter the NorCal Championship… Non NorCal Maya members who shoot Saturday or Sunday will be competing for our Maya Club Championship.

Since the recent rains…  Target Owners should be able to resume cleaning up their target lanes.  For now it would be wise to do so in the mornings only with the higher humidity and being not as windy in the afternoon. Common sense should be taken if conditions appear to dry or windy to weed eat or mow.

Maya Officers