Maya – Front Gate Security

Maya Member’s,

Member’s that have renewed their membership were sent their new membership cards as soon as possible (most cases the same day it was received at the PO Box).  Although it seems that it has taken more time than expected in return of your membership card.

Recently we’ve experienced a problem with the front gate after the change of the combination (July 15th) for the new membership year.  It seems that the lock was left open (gate closed) and allowed a member or member’s who have not renewed their membership to enter the range.  The gate was locked and the person or persons were locked in.  This prompted a phone call for the combination for them to exit the range.  It’s mandatory that you have your membership card displayed when shooting on the range.  It’s your responsibility to question anyone who is not displaying the current membership card (Pink)…  and if they cannot prove they are not a current member, then ask them to leave the range immediately.  This is a liability issue and they are not covered under our insurance.

Current member’s (2018/2019) are responsible in keeping the combination to themselves as this is the only way we have any control who enters the range.  The gate must be locked behind you when you enter the range at all times!  The only time the gate will remain open is during scheduled events (Meetings, Work Party, Leagues, Youth Classes, & Shoots open to the public).

If you have invited a guest to the range… they must granted access by you alone and have completed a Guest Release with $5 enclosed for each person.  You are responsible for their entry, conduct & exit on the range.  Again the gate combination is not to be disclosed to any Non-Members or Guests!

If you have any questions… about your membership renewal status, please call me (916 765-4516) directly and I can resolve any issues promptly.  Calling any other Officer’s will only delay your request as they do not have your status at hand.

Dave Baker