Maya Membership Renewal & Upcoming Events

Maya Members,

As of June 15th we have mailed out approximately 400 membership renewals as promised.  You should expect them to start showing up in your mailbox very soon.  The renewal fees are due by July 15th and become delinquent after August 15th at which point any credits that you have received will be lost if you decide to renew after that date.  The gate combination will be changed on the 15th of July, if you have not renewed by that date you will no longer be able to access the range.

Preferably we would like you to renew by mail, but you can pay at the club meeting or during the leagues as long as you bring the top portion of your bill with you.  You may pay by card, check, or cash (please bring the exact amount if by cash) during this time.  If you have any concerns or question about your renewal… you can contact me by phone (916) 765-4516. I will be Wyoming the next several weeks and at times without cell service…  please leave me a message with you number and I will contact as soon as I can.  Or you can contact Olivia Lawson @ (615) 944-5362.

We want to make the this renewal process as efficient, accurate, and  a quick turnaround time in getting your new card out as soon as possible.

Upcoming Events:
Summer League, Week 8 – June 21st.
BH & 3D Leagues, Week 6 – June 23rd.
Board Meeting, Cancelled for June 26th.
Summer League, Break for June 28th.
BH & 3D Leagues, Week 7 – June 30th.
Club Meeting – July 3rd.
Summer League, Week 9 – July 5th.
BH & 3D Leagues, Break for July 7th.
Summer League, Week 10 – July 12th.
BH & 3D League, Week 8 – July 14th.
Gate Combination Changed –  July 15th.
Summer League, Week 11, – July 19th.

Dave Baker
VP Hunting & Membership
(916) 765-4516