Maya – May Update & Application Deadlines

Maya Member’s,

Our Leagues are once again picking up after the Memorial Day break.

  • Summer League – Week 5, Hunter round Thursday, May 31st, 5 PM.
  • Broadhead & 3D League – Week 3, Saturday, June 2nd, 9 AM.

Application Deadlines for WY, MT, CA, & ID

  1. Wyoming – Antelope & Deer, May 31st, midnight MST.
  2. Montana – Antelope, June 1st, 11:59 MST.
  3. California – Antelope, Deer, Elk & Big Horn, June 2nd, midnight PST.
  4. Idaho – Antelope, Deer, & Elk, June 5th, midnight MST.

Our June 5th Club Meeting (7 PM) will be the last for our 2017/2018 membership year. And the final chance to get in any work party credits will be Saturday, June 9th.  The work party will begin @ 10:30 AM.

Your membership renewal will hopefully be sent out in the mail by June 15th.  Renewals are due upon receipt for the 2018/2019 membership year! Any questions about your renewal can be directed to Dave Baker, 916 765-4516 or by email to

Dave Baker
VP Hunting & Membership