Stickbow Classic Signup

2017 Stickbow Classic

Sunday November 5th 2017

Below is a link to signup for jobs at the Stickbow. There are different times and dates for every position. Feel free to sign up for multiple positions if you can.

Please park across Harding on Berry St. in the parking lot right behind Teichert (the rock place) or on Berry St. itself.

Please Bring
If you have reflective vests or radios please bring them.
Jobs that have you out and about with shooters should be wearing vests so shooters can identify you and know who to ask for instructions or directions.

Final setup will be Saturday November 4th. It will be an all day affair. There is a section in the signup for it. The more people we can get out there the better.
Setup leading to the event will begin next week (Saturday September 30th) and will continue every Saturday until the event. The more hands we have helping the easier it will be. You will be fed (well) for your help on work parties. There will be a raffle specifically for members showing up to do these work parties leading to the event. Every Saturday you show up will be another raffle entry and it will also be $10 off your annual dues.

Click here to sign up.
If you have any questions about anything feel free to send me an email  and I will help you the best I can.